Become a Foster at NEPRAS, Inc.

Fostering can be one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences. You open your home to a neglected and/or abused pup and help them in the decompression phase, teaching them to trust and love again. By fostering, the rescue is then able to open up a spot for another dog in need.

Get Started Today!

Begin the rewarding experience of becoming a foster at NEPRAS, Inc. Your help will change the lives of pets affected by neglect, abuse, or any other situation that has placed them in our care. In just a few easy steps you can begin your journey with us.

  1. Download and complete our Foster Application

  2. Prepare your home for a site visit with a rescue representative.

  3. Dedicate time to becoming familiar with the fostering process.
  4. Meet one of our pets in need and see if there is a foster match.
  5. Open your home and work with one of our adoptable pets while we work to find them their fur-ever home.

Build a fur-ever bond with a pet in need and help them on their journey to their fur-ever home.

The love and dedication shown by all members of NEPRAS is incredible. Recently Kitty came to live with me after being abandoned and driven a long way from where she lived to avoid detection of neglect and poor health by her “owner”. Kitty is pure love and joy, one of the best dogs I have ever been fortunate enough to be in my life. Her happy howling and dancing is MUSIC to my ears, unlike the last owner.